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Restive Nation

Alternative // Dublin City, Dublin

Restive Nation is an alt-rock/electronic crossover collective from Dublin which was formed in 2014 after witnessing a mind-blowing Nine Inch Nails show. The group spent their formative months searching for a vocalist who would be adaptable to a diverse sound. The initial result was a line-up that would eb and flow, much like the varying styles of the band, starting off with a multitude of guest singers joining the core members on different tracks.

With 4 singles and 2 EPs already under its collective belt since its inception, Restive Nation has just released its self-titled debut album. Known to blur the lines between genres, the self-titled record showcases the band at the height of creativity and offers everything from alt-rock, electronica, progressive, metal, industrial, trip-hop, punk and much else in between. Furthermore, the album was daringly and lovingly presented with a music video accompanying every track on the record.

The band strives to be different and offers something new and unusual for the curious ear. The full extent of the sonic narrative shines through in the live setting with the use of electronic segues intertwined with lush soundscapes to give the audience a truly unique and textured listening experience.

Now armed with a permanent vocalist and a sound of its own, Resitve Nation is firing on all cylinders as it enters a new and thrilling era.