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Other // Bray, Wicklow

RetroFix... “A bunch of highbrow savages.." aptly described by our original drummer and poet, Kenny Doran. The band revel in this perceptive one-liner that sums up the band's broad spread of talents and influences.

Fresh off the grill, Retrofix unveiled themselves and the future is looking bright. Fancy grooving to some 60s jazz? Or how about some American surf rock? Some classic soul anyone? Or some 70s funk? Maybe even some Reggae for the craic. Retrofix has all this and more.

The members of RetroFix hail from a variety of musical and artistic backgrounds... jazz, rock, electronic, modern classical composing, poetry, visual arts, traditional, drama, brass band, punk, funk, swing, and even conducting, making for an unusual and refreshing meeting of minds, and a very interesting collective creative space.

This 7 piece ensemble doesn’t hold back and is guaranteed to knock your socks off! Playing an eclectic mix of original material as well as a few jazzy/funky/soul and bossa classics, Retrofix will take you away to a completely different era (possibly a completely different planet). Music that makes you want to dance/jive/twist/bop/shout/boogie/spin/shake a leg/get down/get up again... you won’t be able to stay seated!

Retrofix is made up of Clare Stephens, Aran O’Grady, Andrea Fra Manno, Karima Dillon El-Toukhy, Michael Monaghan, Aoife Hester and Joseph Hanrahan.

RetroFix's live performance lights up as the band takes obvious pleasure in bringing their own unique style to the stage, with their unusual take on quirky classics, and an ever- growing collection of original music. Come one, come all to the vintage music savour!

Check out our most recent music video for our original song "Highbrow Savages" -

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