County Dublin

Re-Tuned, real-name Rob Purser, is a Dublin-born solo musical artist.

Re-Tuned’s music can be described as a blended original sound influenced by the likes of U2, Oasis, David Bowie, Super Fury Animals to name but a few.

Before becoming Re-Tuned, Rob Purser was the lead singer & rhythm guitarist in Dublin based band Desh. Forming when he was 15, the band was composed of school friends Stuart Burke, Gary Moran & Rob Lird from Chanel College in Coolock, Dublin. Ray Hickey joined in the latter stages of the group’s 6 year run. The group released 2 EP’s & had a loyal following around the Dublin Music Circuit. The Group broke up in 2000 but reformed for a one Night Only show in July 2010.

Re-Tuned’s Debut Album “Tuned In / Turned On” was Independently released on the 06th May 2011. The Album is available for Free Download &

Over the past month or so Re-Tuned has been performing a number of solo acoustic gig’s, Rehearsals with a full band are ongoing.

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