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Revolution Above Disorder

Psychedelic // Dublin

Revolution Above Disorder is the solo project of Vancouver-based Irish artist Stephen Nicholas White (The Orange Kyte, House of Dolls, Magic Shoppe). The music of Revolution Above Disorder is a melting pot of shoegaze, psychedelic rock and electronic-tinged post-punk. Droned-out while also melodic and sincere, White’s songs are augmented by synths, drum machines and heavily treated instrumentation with hypnotic reverb-soaked vocals.

Previously the principal songwriter for The Orange Kyte, White is also a touring member of Magic Shoppe. Both bands call Oregon's Little Cloud Records their home, with each having released multiple LPs for the label, distributed in EU/UK through Fuzz Club/Cardinal Fuzz.

Since releasing debut single "Illuminate" in October 2021, Revolution Above Disorder has garnered notable support in the form of airplay from KEXP, CITR, DKFM and RTE and positive press from, Backseat Mafia, Destroy//Exist and The Thin Air.

Contact: [email protected]

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