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Richie Healy

Alternative // Kilkenny, Kilkenny

Richie Healy is a singer songwriter from Kilkenny,
his work is best described as Gothic folk/blues,
dark lyrics carried with coviction and intensity,
a gravelled, earthy vocal digs deep in the trenches of the soul,
his songs take you to places of vivid imagery ,
where he ponders the darkness within ,
without desperation, a smoky whiskey place of contemplation

His current album 'The Perilous Tree' released January 2018
' a collection of cryptic songs of the heart,
no party record for sure, challenging but ultimately deeply rewarding'
Declan Culleton Lonesome highways .com

Richie Healy, The Perilous tree.....go get in,
climb up...go get in your favourite chair or hop in your car,
drive a lonesome road, it won;t matter, you'll wake up at some point,
at daybreak, wondering where the world went, when it went away
and ya find yourself wandering up a muddy fencerow, in snow, in dark , in winter,
holding onto the woodrails. Richie's at the corner post, sorta smilin and tired,
sayin " where you been? what took you so long, c'mon let's get home.
should be a warning on this record ,
this is some deep mystic shit, from a hillman, a bard,
a dark secret, an everyman who decided to come out of the woods for a moment,
you can't hear him or see him until he's already there and you just say quietly say to yourself,
oh.... hey,...I know Richie, just a little, there's no knowing Richie,
he's been around the farm when you were just a kid,
Do yourself a favour Bandcamp ' The Perilous Tree'
David Corley Acclaimed American Recording artist..

His debut album ' Last Taxi Home' released 2013 is bluesy collection of troubles with the world