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Rock // Hollywood, Wicklow

A bunch of youngsters from Wicklow and Kildare who’ve nothing else to do with themselves. Primary school friends Gareth McDermott (lead guitar) and Oscáir Murphy (bass, vocals) went to different secondary schools where Oscáir would run into Leah Duane (vocals). Starting off local gigs with Oscáir playing a cajon for drums they were blessed to come across Oscar Higgins who took over with a drum kit in early 2023. This allowed the band to be more experimental and progress in their music and shows, progressively working hard, playing and selling out gig venues all across Wicklow and Kildare. the bands sense of humor and high energy shows granted them a name where they would grow on social media and create an audience, thus moving into the Dublin gigs, selling out headline shows in venues in Dublin City. Always up for playing gigs, Ritalin’s unique style and stage charisma goes hand in hand for their original themes covering all music tastes.

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