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Rosie Byrne

Pop // Rathfarnham, Dublin // they/them

17 year old Rosie Byrne, born, raised and based in dublin, is highly inspired by artists such as Dermot Kennedy and Hozier.

Writing new songs nearly every other day, Rosie hopes that someday their songs will impact people the same way Dermot Kennedy has impacted them.

With 2 songs to be released by the end of this year, Rosie hopes that people will really get a feel to their new and improved style cause by a major increase of listening to new genres over lockdown and a boost in confidence allowing more creative freedom in the studio.

While busking as much as possible before the leaving cert comes around, Rosie has grown an instagram following of 11k (and growing) hoping to reach 20k by the end of 2022 while some videos on Facebook videos have reached upwards of 1 million views.

Rosie had been fortunate enough to meet other artists of similar age through the streets of Dublin, such as , Saibh Skelly, Allie Sherlock, Conor Marcus and many more that have become close friends and great people to write and produce demos with.

(Featured song, has not yet been released but will be on July 1st!)

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