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Pop // Dublin, Dublin // She/ Her

ROOUE are the electro dark pop twins merging glistening harmonization, gritty electronic production and pop infused stylings to create an honest, insightful look into love, loss and uncertainty in their lives.

Born in London before moving to Dublin as children, Roisin and Lulu grew up in a home warmed by music and creativity. With a music therapist mother and “music-nerd” father, their lives were soundtracked by everything from jazz and classic rock to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Though they have always made music, it wasn’t until 2019 that the twin sisters decided to come together as ROOUE, a portmanteau of their given names, and a few months later they had their debut single ready and waiting to be recorded. When COVID struck, the pair, not to be deterred, set up a home studio, which led to the release of ‘What You Want’ in October 2020. Since then, ROOUE have released five more singles, each track showing a growing maturity.

Despite their relatively recent arrival on the scene, ROOUE’s previous singles have earned them millions of impacts on Irish radio, in particular their most recent single ‘Orbit’ which achieved number 4 in the Breakers Charts, their 90s-tinged ‘Dancing Sad’, which was playlisted by iRadio and ‘Bad Blood’, which received widespread airplay on Spin 1038, Spin Southwest, iRadio, 98fm and more.

Nialler9 called their music "Really smart electronic pop music” and Hot Press commented that the twins are “one of the most exciting emerging acts on the Irish scene”.