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Rosie Bell

Rock // Dundalk, Louth // she/her

NEW SINGLE 'Cursed' dropping on March 7th!!

Rosie Bell is a singer-songwriter who currently lives just south of the border in Ireland. Her mind, however, refuses to be pinned down to a patch of weeds outside Dundalk. Rosie writes songs that are as personal as they are universal that aim to connect us all through our shared experiences of life, love and loss wherever we find ourselves.

Not one to shy away from difficult subjects, Rosie has also written songs about bullying, homelessness and the craziness of the modern world and tries to help speak for those who have no voice. To guard against becoming preachy she writes the odd song about the challenges of loving a 1000 year old vampire (thank you Elijah Mikaelson) and the joys of having great nocturnal fun with Morpheus (thank you Neil Gaiman).

After a ten-year hiatus from recording, Rosie has returned with a new release that shows her growth as an artist and demonstrates the maturity and depth that has developed in her writing. Rosie’s ability to craft a decent lyric has not gone unnoticed, and she was nominated as ‘one to watch’ by the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) and was recently the winner of a global holiday song contest with her entry ‘On a night like this’ co-written with Jonathan Helfand.

Over the last few years Rosie has been blessed to have written with and learned from the best of Nashville’s hit writers including Brian Davis, Adam Wood, Blake Chaffin, Jason Duke, Victoria Banks, Marti Jane, Marty Dodson and Clay Mills as well as with some remarkable UK writers as diverse as Boo Hewerdine, Simon Todd and Yungblud.

With her new single ‘Cursed’ out on March 7th with an EP coming in May you will get a chance to maybe find something that connects with you! We hope so!