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ruth egan

Acoustic // Dublin, Dublin

Originally from Limerick, singer-songwriter Ruth Egan is based in Dublin. Not easily categorised, she writes thought-provoking songs that draw inspiration from blues, soul, folk, alternative rock and modern poetry.

She plays regularly around Dublin and has performed at singer-songwriter shows such as The Song Room, Kilmainham Arts Club, the Cabin Sessions, the Brady Sessions, Glenside Troubadour Club, the Melt Sessions and the Acoustic Club in Limerick. She has also played at Ballinamore Free Fringe festival, Ballyknockan Inn Festival and the 2019 Fireside Festival of Music and Arts in Drogheda.

Two of her songs are shown here and more may be found on her official website, below. Upcoming gigs can also be found there or on her social media link, below.

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