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Other // Dundalk/Dublin, Louth

SAIV'N is a synthfolk band created by singer-songwriter Saidhbhín and producer officecoffee created in early 2020, with the addition of bassist Niall Clarke (formerly of Third Smoke) in late 2021.

SAIV'N's unique sound is created by the blend of Saidhbhín's folk style of songwriting and officecoffee’s electronic workings.

Saidhbhín and officecoffee’s musical relationship was solely through the Internet for the first year of the band due to Covid-19 restrictions. They managed to share musical ideas over the Internet, leading the pair to develop and complete their debut single Tunnels.

Since being able to finally gig this year, SAIV'N has supported artists such as Elephant, Duke Special and TPM.

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