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Sam Segurado

Singer-songwriter // Deansgrange, Dublin

Segurado’s childhood, growing up Irish in Portugal, visiting Ireland as a Portuguese boy, cast him a foreigner, never truly home in either. Moving to Cambridge at 19, Paris at 20, Dublin at 24, St Petersburg at 27, were easy steps for someone already uprooted. His guitars, his poems, stories, his songs, they became a constant home from city to city, course to unfinished course, job to aimless job. It was in Dublin, which he calls home, where he cut his teeth on the open mic scene. From that stage he went on to make his first album, Looking For The Fox, embodied this vagrant story. His newly released sophomore, The Remainder, sees Segurado venturing deeper inwards while reaching outwards to those closest to him, absorbing the pain and love and fight that makes humans survivors.

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