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Saul Blake

Alternative // Galway, Galway // He/Him

Saul Blake is an inspirational original artist. Emerging from the west of Ireland, he has unique storytelling ability's and a fresh take on the Irish music scene. Whether it be hip hop, trap or pop he always brings his own distinctive style. You will never see this man covering another artists track always delivering relevant lyrics sure to make you think. Beginning his rap journey back in 2010 he worked mainly in a group called red eyed rollers (later known as the rap scallions) under the alias Solid, this 3 piece group played gigs all across Ireland releasing many songs along the way before one member left the group he than became a member of the duo The Rap Scallions (Solid and Dynamo Slugz) the duo then signed to a small label based in Galway called Mic a Blaze records and played many venues and festivals including life fest 2014. After going they're separate ways Saul decided to follow his career as a solo artist using his birth name (Saul Blake) founding and working with gravity verse productions he released multiple music videos and songs collaborating with a few artists along the way including Jordan Wilson, YoYo and Frankie Kyne. He is now working on his up and coming album with a fresh out look, Saul has been perfecting his craft while growing his family, and has now taken the music industry by force with his first single "Socialites" which is truly an eye opening song about our way of life and the affect we have on the planet.