County Westmeath

Described by Hot Press as "Energy, balls and pure rock n' roll" Scally's setlist packs a massive punch of hard hitting rock n' roll. Scally has also been gaining notoriety for his on stage antics with his penchant for balaclavas, megaphones, nakedness, whisky drinking and crowd surfing with many likening him to Anthony Kiedis and Iggy Pop. Scally's band - The Dirty Rats - decorate these messages with intricate and imaginative lyrics with licks and flicks, groove filled grandeur for a true rock n' roll experience likened to Arctic Monkeys and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

After building a up kamikaze catalogue of hard and fast rock n' roll tunes with his band for over two years Scally first single 'The 7th Commandment' saw him labelled as a "definite one to watch" having "both balls and brains" and a swagger deemed "inspiring"(Stuart Clark, HOT PRESS). Scally released his second single ‘Get Ready For War’ in March 2018 which debuted and stayed at NO.1 in the Irish Rock Charts for two weeks and hit No.10 in the overall charts. The 'Get Ready For War' B-side contains a track called - ‘Let’s Fuck’ released in June and was controversially banned off Facebook and also reached No.1 in the Irish Rock Charts, while his latest release 'Filthy Animal' drew praise from Grammys member Richardine Bartee in the US.

Scally's adventures have seen him line up alongside The Strypes, The Soap Girls, Fangclub, The Blizzards, Wolff, New Valley Wolves, Bicuroius, Sick Love (Sub Motion), Munky, Mik Pyro & Crow Black Chicken. Scally & The Dirty Rats are on an Irish tour for over the summer 2019, as Scally's next single 'Guilty' drops June 27th.

"Energy, balls, pure rock n' roll" (Hot Press).

"More energy than a Duracell Bunny on speed.....everything you can imagine when you think of rock n' roll" (Indie Buddie).

"Sure to blow the cobwebs from your mind" - John Loftus (8Radio).

"Artistically brilliant" - (Mick Flannery).

"Loved the energy, the attitude....kick ass music! Iggy Pop meets Rage, fearless" (The Soap Girls).

"Rock with both balls and brains, a definite one to watch....the swagger was inspiring" - Stuart Clark (Hot Press).

"Full of attitude and can hear echoes of Arctic Monkeys and Rage Against The Machine" (

"1970's punk-rock throwback performance, anarchy on the stage, searing guitar riffs....high-end rock energy that makes you want to put your fist through a wall due to its angsty dirtiness. The Manc swagger of The Stone Roses" (Remy).

"Today rock stars are almost exctinct, Scally has every ingredient, he's entertaining, the swagger, tons of energy and the attitude" (Pure M Magazine).

"Best act of Friday night at Electric Picnic" - Olaf Tyaransen (Hot Press)

"With his challenging themes and vibrant energy, Scally brings a welcome dash of colour" Will Faulkner (Midlands 103).

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