Bray, County Dublin

Scustin is a musical project that has storytelling at its core.

Join Larry & The Lads as they tell us their tall tales and short stories about the characters that inhabit their world!

Set in their local and using a performance that is both engaging and interactive, the lads reminisce about misadventures with pub talkers, dodgy drug dealers and other misfits that frequent through the many nooks and crannies of Irish life, all the while trying to figure out where they themselves fit in a social climate that is both ambiguous and unnerving

Using dark humour, a bit of slagging and a musical palette that pays homage to the likes of King Krule, George Clinton, The Streets, Mild High Club and Ronnie Foster to name but a few, our heroes may find that their reality is not all its perceived to be.

For the time being you won’t find the lads on social media, they have been using their burner phone to collect numbers and text out details of their movements. If interested please text ‘Let me know Larry’ to 089 459 3686 and someone will be in touch.

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