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Shay Anthony Lea

Acoustic // Ashford, Wicklow

Hi all,

I’m Shay Anthony Lea, an Ashford, Co. Wicklow-based singer/songwriter. I was born and grew up in Dublin and have loved music from an early age. Early influences and favourites included Bowie, Dylan, Cohen, Steely Dan, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Carole King, Queen and all the beautiful music in between. I’m inspired now by a smorgasbord of anything and everything - pop, rock, folk, ballads, traditional Irish music and classical. As a lover of language I’ve always been attracted to strong lyrics allied to good melody. Nowadays, the influences translate into soulful, introspective songs alternated with high energy rhythmic blasts, as evidenced by the polar opposites of ‘OTM Dancing’ and ‘Love Lost’ on my 4-track EP, released just over a month ago.
I love the 4 tracks on this, the soul of ‘Sing About’, the up-tempo dance ‘OTM Dancing’, the so-in-love of ‘I’ll Always Love You’ and the heartbreak of Love Lost’

After a lifetime of singing and playing guitar, for myself and then gigging as a three piece in Temple Bar and other Dublin venues, I finally got round to writing in 2019, perfect timing for the emptiness of COVID and lockdown! I’ve now written and recorded many tracks, covering many of the issues of the human condition, as I see them. I’ve determined to play these to an audience/audiences, I haven’t yet, apart from family, who have enjoyed them. I’m now planning to get gigging again, I’m well aware I can’t just walk in to a place and play live original material without an ‘in’! I released my debut 2 singles in 2020, my producing and recording skills have improved since then, but I still love those 2 songs, ‘Givin’ It All’ and ‘Sweet Summer Love’ for the freshness of the writing. I try to write original, well-written tracks and explore my own musicality in the music. I have an English-based friend who produces with me and brings a different perspective than mine to the mix. I contacted all of the radio stations, here in Ireland for my first 2 singles, and then included around 500 UK Radio Stations in the UK, for the last EP. I realise (more so now!)that it’s difficult to get radio play without some contact base or promotion.
Outside of writing and composing I like to walk my dogs, play indoor 5-a-side and enjoy the beauty of my adopted county. Surrounded by the beauty of the Wicklow Mountains, inspiration comes from many sources and the walks in the quiet help to shape the songs that define me. I’ll keep writing and composing, I plan to release more music later this year, and to plan some gigs that will showcase these.

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