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Seeping Into Cinemas

Indie // Dublin, Dublin

Seeping Into Cinemas (sic) is the brainchild of Dublin native Barry O’Brien. Primarily a guitarist, but willingly a multi-instrumentalist and singer in order to make possible his compositional whims, O’Brien happily holes up in the studio until he is satisfied with what has been conjured.

Previous releases "100,000 Times" (LP) and “File Under Lost” (EP) are laden with folk tinged dream-pop, melodic and haunting homages to a cosmos full of broken hearted misanthropes, and sad souls with dreams of escape.

Recently released EP “Dazzle Camouflage”, is an exploration of the sacred and the profane, featuring post rock infused psychedelic freakouts, and moments of delicate beauty - sometimes all in one song.

Whether instrumental or with vocals, what emerges upon listening to Seeping Into Cinemas is another world, one which embodies both the ethereal and the brutally raw; one which is vulpine, dolphin-like, and a little like poison (sic).

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