Selfless Good Deeds

Sutton, Howth, County Dublin

Selfless Good Deeds formed early in 2007 with three best mates bashing out whatever tunes they knew with the attitude,
'Do ya know the chords?'
'....Sort of.'
'Right its in.'

As the jamming sessions progressed our sound evolved as Brian, chief songwriter, guitarist and vocalist began to bring new songs to the table. His knack for a clever lyric, catchy hook, and spunky chord progressions gave the band a new lease of life and new direction. Brian drew his musical influences from contemporary bands such as Blur, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Smashing Pumpkins as well as The Beach Boys, The Kinks and Elvis Costello.

Justin, drummer and thunderous metronome, came from a heavy metal background inspired by drumming legend John Bonham as well as contemporary drummers such as Dave Grohl and Nathan Followill. Justin would give the songs a new edge and new direction and his influence was crucial when the Selfless Good Deeds were developing an original sound.

Rob, bassist and general hubub maker, often cites Rob Sledge from the Ben Folds Five as his main influence on the bass. Rob, like his namesake, enjoys playing subtle bass lines then sonically attacking the unsuspecting audience with his trusty distortion pedal, Big Muff Pi.

Selfless Good Deeds have been gigging around Dublin continuously for the past eighteen months, bringing a high level of energy and excitement to every gig. We love the interaction with the crowd and the energy in which they provide and we like to buzz off that.

We recorded an EP in July of 2008, in Qube Studios with producer Colm Quearney, the result was four high octane tunes with a live yet professional feel which we love, check out 'Franky Lamps' and 'Backs Against the Wall'

Selfless Good Deeds have provided the soundtracks for local animation artists Anna O' Sullivan (see 'Day Dreamers') and Daniel Spencer (see our myspace 'Guinness ad')

something in which we have great fun recording in our recently updated home studio.

The band have also started running song writing, recording and production workshops in schools, most recently in Ballyfermot V.E.C. with great success.

We also record and produce young local bands in our area showing them the basics in song production and we give them the chance in showcasing there material at one of our gigs.

We have been writing and recording a new EP hopefully for release at the end of summer, the luxury of time in our home studio allows us experiment with songs and look at different perspectives and try different styles of playing and recording to perfect the sound that we have developed over the last eighteen months.

Hopefully you'll enjoy a snippet from the EP '1948' which is in the early stages of mixing.

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