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Setting Suns DC

Rock // Dublin

Setting Suns DC 42 is a collection of songs written and released in 2022 by Karl and Gayle Moore.
Karl – Guitars / Bass / Vocals
Gayle – Keys / Vocals
All tracks were written towards the end of lockdown in Ireland and are a reflection on growing older and the changes that happen in our lives overtime. While the subject matter can seem quite morbid at times we ultimately wanted to create something positive. Passing satellites is perhaps the most upbeat of the tracks but is actually the most morbid. Written for friends that have passed in the last few years.
The singles were released starting in Jan 2022 and have received airplay on Today F.M , 2FM, RTE RADIO 1, KCLR, DUBLIN CITY FM, LMFM,WRFG 89.3 Atlanta, Amazing Radio.

42 is a collection of songs about life , love and loss.

Track Listsing
1. Tempe (Forever the City Remains) – We found the idea that the city we lived in remained relatively stagnant and immovable while everyone around it lived transient lives that were just a moment in the life of the city fascinating.
2. Holding On – A song to the heart of returning to normal life at the end of close on 2 years of living in our homes.
3. Lilies – The first track written. A dedication to friends past and gone.
4. These Arms – Karl wrote this one as an ode to Gayle
5. Passing Satellites – Similar in theme to Tempe but focusing on how our lives are short and it’s up to us to make the most of them
6. Tempe (Forever the City Remains) Radio Edit

We Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Karl and Gayle

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