Shag Haired Villains

County Dublin

Shag Haired Villains - Biography
‘Thou liest, thou shag haired villain.’ (Macbeth)
Shag Haired Villains are a three piece rock band based in Dublin. Formed in the summer of 2012, the band consists of Dave Byrne on guitar and vocals, Derek Carney on drums and vocals and Shane Waldron on bass. The band spent most of 2012 working on writing as much original material as possible and recorded a demo for an early single, Dirty Rose. In May 2013, the band made their debut at the King Kong Club showcase in The Mercantile Venue and have been gigging ever since in venues across Dublin.
Shag Haired Villains describe their sound as a mix of their influences and the kind of music they like to play. They believe in strong riffs and rocking choruses, taking inspiration from the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys, Foo Fighters and Jack White.
In September 2015, Shag Haired Villains announced the release of their debut album, RED LAKE. Named after the studio in which it was recorded, Red Lake Studios in Portlaoise, the album represents years of hard work, writing, rehearsing, jamming and gigging. The ten songs featured on the album are what Shag Haired Villains are all about; fast paced, energetic rock music that packs a punch.
In the studio, all of the tracks began with a live take of the drums, bass and rhythm guitar. Solos, overdubs and vocals were then added on top of this. As a result all of the tracks on the album have a live, direct feel. Some of the songs such as Beyond the Road & Most Alive came from writing sessions when the band locked themselves in a house in Kerry one weekend, while others like WYSIWYG & Magnetic were found through jamming sessions in rehearsal rooms in Dublin. From the big chorus of Break Through to the pounding bassline of Most Alive, the band is extremely proud of the work that they produced.
Red Lake was released on 30th October 2015. The album was well received by critics and the media, getting played on a number of radio stations such as RTE 2XM, Near FM, Dublin South FM & Phoenix FM. It also received excellent reviews from critics at Pure M Magazine and Unsigned & Independent Magazine. Pure M Magazine said that “Throughout the album they straddle the balance between good, old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll in the instrumentation and a more modern, indie rock optimism in the overall tone of the album..” and that “The release is a consistent, explosive, cathartic album with subtle touches of optimism that makes for an endearing energy and a great listen.”
Red Lake is available to download now from all major online retailers.

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