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Electronica // Belfast, Down

In 2000 Shanokee was signed to RGB records where she co-wrote and performed the hit track 'Home' with Coast2Coast which went on to become a firm favourite amongst the DJ elite and an MTV Dance No.1 featuring on many compilations worldwide.

Following the success of 'Home' she collaborated with Rank1 resulting in hits including:
Such is Life
Shanokee performed Such Is Life at The first White Sensation party in the Ajax football stadium in Amsterdam with Rank1 to 44,000 people.

Here is a list of some of the other artists that Shanokee has co-written and performed with :-
Brennan Heart feat Shanokee 'Home'
Brennan Heart feat Shanokee 'Feel You Here'
Dash Berlin feat Shanokee 'Feel You Here'
Dash Berlin feat Shanokee 'Surrender'
Dash Berlin feat Shanokee 'Surrender' Arctic Moon remix which recently hit No.11 in the Trance Top 100
Benya feat Penny Nixon 'Serendipity'
Benya with Shanokee 'Sanctuary'

Yet her background lies firmly in her own song-writing and performance and this year Shanokee has taken her vision of science fiction inspired electro pop live with drummer Paul Mullin. Their sound has been described as 'post-apocalyptic' and 'straight to the point'. Their performance is stark, intriguing and sonically powerful with Shanokee shining like an inter-dimensional warrior calling to the under-dogs. The message is one of hope against the odds. Dreaming and consciousness exploration are the fuel for Shanokee's song-writing and she draws from her love of beat and melody incorporating different genres from dance and folk to indie rock. A true individual with freedom of spirit.

Here is a taster of their sound:-
Shanokee 'Home'
Shanokee 'No Yield'
Shanokee 'Monkey's Heart'
Shanokee 'RUN!'


Shanokee writes music influenced by the unseen forces around us all. Always on the side of the under-dog and the invisible people, she draws from her obsession with science fiction and the metaphysical worlds.