Shock Sorrow

Drogheda, County Louth

Ready to Rock Acoustic Style?!

Shock Sorrow are two highly intelligent musicians devoted to their craft of original, acoustic-rock songs created with deep thought and true spirit.

Keith Caffrey and Steff Caffrey are amongst Irelands' hardest working musicians, writing new material, recording in a bedroom studio, collaborating online with Europes' finest rock musicians and hitting the road, playing at Irelands' best singer-songwriter nights including Dublin, Dundalk, Drogheda and Limerick.

The pair met at a Metallica concert in Dublin in 2009 and discovered a deep musical connection and spiritual friendship through their experiences and rock n roll adventures.

Shock Sorrow is one of those rare bands that requires knowledge, thought, time, intellectual, spiritual and emotional investment. Unique, creative and free spirited, Shock Sorrow blend thoughtful vocal melodies with harmonic-rich guitars like no one else.

"an alternative rock edge, accompanied with a growly/blues’y style vocal and topped off with sweet harmonies, a very chilled out sound."- Moonlight Sessions, April '10.

"if electric guitars had never been invented then (after kidnapping their drummer and bass player) Metallica probably would have sounded just like this"- Mairtin O Riain, music journalist online, August '10.

"You know what I love about this? It's a live performance that actually sounds the way it should...powerful, melodic, incredible! In other words, GOOD. Unlike most live musicians I have seen who always seem to fall short of their glory attained through digital alteration and the studio filtering process once it comes time to hit the stage. You have real voices, real music, and real talent. Don't ever stop!"- SerziQ, dedicated fan, Aug '10.

For the latest gigs, music, photos, videos and news visit Shock Sorrow on Myspace, Breaking Tunes, Facebook and YouTube.


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