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Shoctopus, the hardest working rock band in Ireland, will be releasing their debut album, Brand New Kind Of Madness, on March 28th at the Button Factory. The album, a thirteen track powerhouse of rock, has been two years in the making, and will initially be released as a limited edition double disc set, with a bonus DVD featuring the video for the smash hit Too Much Is Never Enough, along with three unplugged tracks, four remixes and extras.

The band, consisting of Charlie Black, or Cha Bla, on vocals, Stavis on guitars and Chairman Mao on drums, have built up a solid fan base after five years of touring Ireland, and their electrifying live performances have seen them sell out every venue they have played in their home town of Dublin.

The band have successfully released an earlier EP, King of The Mountain, produced by Sean Genockey (Manic Street Preachers and Suede), and have raised the bar for themselves with their debut album. The album ranges from the three minute radio hit Too Much Is Never Enough to the epic fourteen minute Trail Of Tears, and includes songs that range from crowd pleasing live stompers, such as the track Stomper, to intense and personal songs like Soul Woman.

The band originally formed as a five piece, then stripped back to a leaner and meaner four piece, and since 2011 have been a solid three piece working with guest bass guitarists, and the album features Voodoo Jones from Jupe supplying the bass. Cha, on vocals, is also the bands lyricist and has become known for the multi-layered meanings of his songs, as well as for his manic energy on stage. Stavis, on guitars, is the bands musical maestro, always pushing the limits of what his guitar can do, both in the studio and on the stage. Mao “The Chairman” Gomez, hailing from Saville, is the backbone of the bands perfect timing and the man in charge of keeping the madness under control.

The launch show at the Button Factory will also be recorded for release as a live DVD later in the year, and will feature the tribal fusion belly dance group The Orchids as the opening act. The show, which will feature lasers and video projections, and some special guests, is the most ambitious show yet attempted by an unsigned band in Ireland.

The band's website,, has had over 150 000 hits since its launch in 2009 and a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube has helped to consolidate the bands reputation, and a constant schedule of live gigs is building an ever-larger support base for the band among their followers, affectionately called the Shoctoposse.

The band have been favourably compared to classic acts like Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Guns 'n' Roses and Black Sabbath, but bring a fresh modern sound to the hard rock scene.

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