Shooting Saturn

Mallow, County Cork

Shooting Saturn is an indie rock band from Mallow, Co. Cork. The group came together in November 2009. The line up features Brian Moynihan [Bass Guitar/Vocals], Travis Butler [Guitar] and Sinead Ryan [Drums]. In 2010, Shooting Saturn entered the Irish Youth Music Awards. Later that year, an album featuring the best talent from that competition was released. Shooting Saturn contributed 'I'm On The Run' to that collection. They also entered the UCC Battle of the Bands in 2012 and came 2nd.

Brian Moynihan

Brian has been with the band since the beginning. Originally simply a superb bassist, and backing vocalist as well as a key songwriter and lyricist. Since the absence of Kerry, Brian takes over lead vocal duties. Brian will feature as lead vocalist on the 4 new songs we are recording. Brian uses an Epiphone Thunderbird bass guitar with an Ibanez amp.

Travis Butler

Travis was one of the co founders of the band. Travis is usually at his most creative when he is left alone or takes a break. Two of the songs to be recorded soon began by Travis improvising in between songs. Travis also helps with the lyrics, contributing the odd verse. Travis uses Epiphone guitars (Les Paul Custom named Cheryl, a Riviera named Scarlet & an EJ-200CE Acoustic named Daisy), Zakk Wylde Wah, BOSS DS-1, and Fender amps.

Sinead Ryan

Sinead was one of the co founders of the band, and it was her who christened the band as 'Shooting Saturn'. Sinead is one of the best drummers out there, she doesn't play anything the easy way. She is the constant back beat of the band and also chips in with lyrics. Sinead uses a Pearl Export kit, Sabian cymbals, Remo skins and Zildjian Travis Barker drumsticks.

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