Silent Ghost

Stillorgan, County Dublin

Silent Ghost is an alternative project from Ghost a Dublin based 23 year instrumentalist and producer. His music takes influences from many genres and his experience in film scoring adds to the atmosphere created in his music.

Influenced by artists such as Son Lux, Woodkid and The Weeknd, Ghost takes an alternative spin on pop music introducing, less than common, production techniques and fusing multiple genres together. His work is described as genre bending, often fusing two or more clashing style to create a unique outcome.

He is also lead producer and engineer in Purgatory studios, a creative endeavour and studio catering to some of Ireland's most unique up and coming artists from Nobody’s Heroes to Isaac Nelson.

Producing for many artists, such as Tebi Rex and engineering projects like Marcus Woods’ Debut album Self-Portrait. Ghost has been carving out his place in the Irish music scene

His solo shows are full over energy and really allow the music to come to the front of the experience.

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