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Silver Crows

Acoustic // Belfast, Down

Silver Crows formed in August 2019 and consist of two creative singer-songwriters, Courtney Craig and Christopher Ritchie. Courtney was born and bred in the suburbs of Belfast City whereas Chris grew up in the rural outskirts of Comber County Down [City girl meets cowboy]. Before meeting Courtney, Chris had been in different bands throughout his music Career and had studied a foundation degree in music which he used to teach both publicly and privately. Courtney on the other hand had been a solo artist before meeting Chris, busking on the streets of Belfast and playing at bars/events, singing a mixture of covers & original music as well as being part of an online community of singers.

Courtney auditioned for Christopher and his friends blues band in February 2019.
They both hit it off immediately and began songwriting together, creating their own unique sound. They didn’t only hit it off musically but also personally as they both developed a fondness for each other and decided to take things to the next level in March 2019, becoming a couple!! [HOORAY].

Alongside writing their own songs, Courtney and Chris also enjoyed playing covers and got their first cover gig at the Hoose Bistro restaurant in Belfast “Norn Iron” in August 2019. After getting the gigging bug they started performing around different bars in Northern Ireland and taking part in open mic nights. Courtney & Chris knew they needed a name to go by after their first gig, they had many days brain storming when they finally decided on the name ‘Silver Crows’ which came from a song Chris wrote two years prior to meeting Courtney.

They released their first single during the Coronavirus pandemic on May 29th 2020 called “Sensitive Soul”. Christopher composed the music and Courtney came up with the lyrics and vocal melody for this truly inspiring masterpiece. They continue to write/record music together and are an upcoming band you need to watch out for!