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Sinéad Whyte

Pop // Rathfarnham, Dublin

Sinéad Whyte is an Irish up & coming singer-songwriter based in London. Born in Dublin, Sinéad’s love for music started at a young age, with her learning the piano at age 4 and later becoming a member of RTÉ’s Cór Na nÓG choir for many years. Sinéad spent her formative years studying Pharmacology in Dublin before deciding to move to London to pursue her love for music.

Sinéad has earned a reputation for her strong, moving, “goose-bump inducing” vocals. Setting up her YouTube channel in 2019, Sinéad’s voice was an automatic hit, with her cover of Bruises reaching over 200K views. Gaining more popularity, Sinéad’s cover of Tennessee Whiskey has accumulated over 1.5 million views on Facebook after being shared by a popular music page. Following this success & her popularity on streaming services such as Spotify & Apple Music, Sinéad had a strong desire to pursue her career further as a solo artist. Sinéad began to work on her own material, much of which has stemmed from her love of writing expressive poetry. Sinéad released her debut single Kills Me Now on June 4th 2021. Written in two days during the first lockdown, Sinéad put her experiences of heartache into this upbeat piano ballad. Sinéad believes this song will resonate with many, that the lyrics are powerful & portray a story most people have gone through. That eventually you realise that a relationship didn't work out for the best. This is Sinéad's lockdown silver lining, her first finished single & her entry into the singer-songwriter world.

Sinéad has performed in Stockholm’s Kungsträdgården to over 2000 people in August 2019. Following this, Sinéad performed her first solo live gig in Tramline, Dublin.

As the future unfolds, Sinéad has more song releases in the pipeline with plans to fulfil her dream of releasing a full album.

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