Sin Sin Collective

Amsterdam, County Dublin

SIN SIN COLLECTIVE Dubbed ‘digital terrorists’ by Luke Clancy in The Irish Times, Sin Sin Collective makes performances, music and art animations using new technology in combination with classical techniques. Sin Sin Collective’s 'Pik & Bod Ride Again', a musical comedy in 3 Acts, premiered at The First Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam. Latest performance projects include their shorts for theatre entitled 'Strange Tales From The Id','The Mask Will Eat The Face' series of Theatre Salons in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District and 'The Hellfire Club' at De Nieuwe Anita. 'Star Dot Star - Post Techno Revue' was commissioned by New Moves at The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow and toured Glasgow, Dublin and London. Their pan-media musical comedy for the stage, 'Hospital For Skeletons', (it’ll cure what ails you), premiered at The Amsterdam Fringe Festival. 'To The Worm There Is No Underground' is Sin Sin’s modern day pageant, an AV performance for club audiences. It tells a story using original electronic music, masks, animations, hand held projections and songs. Sin Sin’s comics, poems and illustrations have been published in international literary journals including Dandelion, Knock and Vallum. They regularly perform their music live and their short films have been screened in film festivals worldwide. Sin Sin’s 'Inside The Dishwasher', was featured in the Art Animation Gallery and on the video review DVD at Siggraph Computer Animation Conference in Boston. ‘Sin Sin are debunking a few outmoded conventions along the way, with tongue firmly in cheek’ [In Dublin]
‘Sin Sin . . . potentially the most exciting group to come out of Ireland for a decade’ [Eamon Carr]

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