Lahinch, County Clare

“A star in the making”, in the words of Hotpress magazine, County Clare neo-soul singer, songwriter and guitarist, SÍOMHA has been captivating audiences worldwide with her beautiful and contemporary crafted arrangements.

In 2014, SÍOMHA left Ireland to explore the major music cities of North America, a journey that exposed her to many cultural nuances. She embraced the music scene of each city, often playing at local venues, coffee houses and jam nights, an experience that evolved into one of self-discovery for her. A road trip through the Southern States of America took her to Nashville, where she was invited to share the stage with the multi Grammy-winning country legend Vince Gill.

Since then, she has settled in Vancouver, Canada, where she has spent her time writing and recording. In 2015, she was involved in campaigning for a Yes Vote in the Marriage Referendum in Ireland, acting as co-founder and producer of the #BeMyYes campaign alongside composing and producing a song for the campaign.

Her recent single 'Why Did We Fall in Love?’ was recorded in Austin, Texas. It is a soothing, soulful track reminiscent of a Cole Porter or Irving Berlin standard, which represents the simplicity and tenderness of being in love.It was included on the RTE Radio 1 Playlist for 8 weeks and was among the Top Played Irish Tracks on 2016 Playlists on the station.

Her latest live video 'July Red Sky' was recorded live on location in The Burren and was also added to the RTE Radio 1 Playlist.

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