Cork, County Cork

Irish heavy metaller's Sirocco are back with their third album, Lambay - a concept on the 10th century Viking invasion of Ireland. Their style of classic heavy metal and celtic mythology will bode well for fans of Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden - or more generally, anyone looking to relive the golden age of classic 80's metal. The band have already made a name for themselves throughout Europe, supporting Megadeth, Exodus, W.A.S.P. and Napalm Death, and have received rave reviews from zines and publications all over the world. Lambay also features artwork by renowned pagan artist, Kris Verwimp, and is available now on CD and Digital Download


poser/disposer (gr) (9/10) (bg) (9/10)

Metal Ireland (8.8/10)

noizz webzine (es) (8.75/10)

Hot Press (8/10) (8/10)

powermetal-warrior (8/10) (8/10) (8/10) (8/10)

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