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Six Foot Small

Rock // Bray, Dublin

Six Foot Small gathered sometime between 2009 and the first turbulent decade of the twentieth century. Its members drifted from bar to smokey bar for years. Its history is that of journeymen musicians and the echos of old bluesy songs that exist, only in the memories of a handful of people, at forgotten venues when forgotten groups played for forgotten faces. Having met up after years adrift and giving their youths to music the band formed, individually world weary and cynical. Driving rhythms and caustic melodies. Still young, the band's future is unimportant, only to make music to be proud of. Played only for love, the songs are coarse, rough and beautiful, with something to say about life in the world which is changing more quickly now than it has in the past two decades.

Craig Mulvagh - Vocals, Guitar
Mark Mulvagh - Vocals, Bass
Barry Mangan - Vocals, Guitar
Luke Byrne - Drums