County Dublin

Skinner is the solo recording project of 21 year old producer and musician Aaron Corcoran based in Dublin.

Formed in 2016, Skinner released his first self-produced mixtape titled "SKINT" which received critical acclaim and led to various gigs and performances at festivals throughout the country. SKINT documents the difficult transition between adolescence and adulthood and deals with concerns of an escapist nature.

The last 6 months have seen Skinner steadily gain traction in the Irish music scene. Following the release of his latest single "Headroom", Skinner has played a string of shows across Dublin and garnered the attention of his growing audience. Fusing styles of post-punk, grunge and no wave with visceral cheap poetry, Skinner's music is an honest portrayal of the disaffection experienced by so many young people in society today.

His D.I.Y. approach to production is a direct rebellion towards the glossy polished records produced today and delivers his music in its natural state with the majority of the production taking place at his home or in his car.

"Tip-toeing around the truth is an exercise that we have all been guilty of at some stage and Skinner acknowledges it sonically in a manner totally authentic to him: grungy guitar lines meet thrashing drums complimented by his quirky, accented vocal melodies."
- Nialler9

"Punk/ grunge tunes resonate through the room… seeping into our ears with biting sweet shrills of youthful adrenaline."
- Indiebuddy

"It's the music you wanna hear when you're trying to grasp the essence of life. Real rough, ready, cheap poetry which tells the story of so many young people. But Skinner isn't necessarily trying to define the sound of his generation, he's just being it."
- 3rd Outing


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