Skinny Downers

Berlin, County Waterford

It all started with a loop pedal, a mixing desk and a couple of instruments. The repetitive percussion loops had a certain quality when paired with the discorded guitars and warped melodies. The songs had a way of twisting and shifting, while working with and against one driving rhythm. Music designed and performed for the listener to enjoy and interpret in their own headspace.

Having honed his skills in Black Robots and Percolator, Deen made the move to not start another band but to operate a musical collective. This form means that the songs are free to be shifted and changed depending on which of the members are available. This free form means that the songs never get old, each performance is different and each time it’s played something new appears.

Constant progression is the main aim, you will not hear the same song twice.

You can hear more tracks and download a free ep at:

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