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Slightly Dishevelled

Punk // Dublin, Dublin

Slightly Dishevelled are a punk band based in Dublin, but living across the country. Their music is a combination of influences ranging from 70s punk music, improvisational music, and noise rock. The most essential component to Slightly Dishevelled is the necessity for expression shared between all involved. As the project evolves, the group are set to release a string of studio recordings from their forthcoming LP: “Waxie’s Late Night Bank Account”.
Their most recent venture was scoring “Molasses” a film piece by Cork artist Saoirse McGarry. The score is a completely improvised piece recorded in one 20- minute take in a small cottage on Achill island. The film piece was nominated for the RDS visual arts prize and can be seen in exhibition in IMMA until March 2024.
Having done the rounds of the Dublin circuit, the group have performed headline shows in Fred Zeppelin's in Cork, Áras na nGael in Galway and Black Box in Belfast. Over the years, they opened for international punk acts such as the english Booze and Glory and BiLk, also texas glam punk band Lord Friday the 13th.

“This isn't mere entertainment; it's a poignant commentary on the absurdity of existence, the struggles to find meaning in the face of the unfathomable”-The Devil Has The Best Tuna

“At first impressions ‘Molasses pt ii’ is a 20 minute piece from the minds of the Dublin punk band Slightly Dishevelled which is at once, a Fringe Festival play, a demo tape recording, spoken word, post-punk journey”-Niallar9

“Five-piece Dublin punk band Slightly Dishevelled’s debut single ‘Chaos’ strides into the house party just before the guards get there, with just enough time to grab a few cans and leggit”-Nialler9.