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Rock // Dublin

About Slumberjet
Slumberjet are a Dublin based Powerpop trio led by Barry O'Brien.Barry played guitar with various bands during his teens until he attended Ballyfermot Music College. After finishing, he formed his own band Peyote. They enjoyed mild success on the gig circuit. When Peyote went their separate ways he took a different route by learning to sing and immersing himself in the craft of songwriting. Playing at various clubs around the city to develop his songs, he bought himself a 4-track and assembled a CD of home demos. He quickly gathered momentum and formed Slumberjet with Keith Farrell on Bass and Aidan O’Grady on Drums. The intention was to take what he had learned from the years of playing in singer/songwriter clubs and bringing those songs back into a band format.Developing the material further by road testing the songs as a band,Slumberjet enter the studio to record the "Spark" Ep with Keith {Farrell} at the controls."Spark" was a critacal success given praise by the likes of Today FM's Tom Dunne and 2FM's Dan Hegarty. After spending a year out on the gig circuit Slumberjet returned to the studio to record their self titled debut,Recorded over a period of three years the result is a rich blend of past and present power-pop and rock influences that features one time member of Cardinal and Sup Pop artist Eric Matthews,The 12 songs were masterd by John Dent who has previously worked with the likes of U2,Bob Marley and PJ Harvey. While the album awaits a release, Slumberjet are back on the gig circuit with new members Fergal Hendrick {Chico} on Bass and Eustace Merriman {Euey} on Drums and Percussion.Slumberjet Recently got to play the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool as part of the annual International Pop Overthrow Festival. Slumberjet are go.