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Indie // Bailieborough, Cavan

SMASH are a five piece Indie Rock band hailing from Bailieborough in Co Cavan, Ireland. The band’s members consist of Shane Smith on guitar and backing vocals, Michael Smith on lead guitar, Ashton O’Connell on saxophone, bass guitar and lead vocals, Stephen Ormiston on drums and Harrison Duffy on bass guitar and lead vocals.

The band members of SMASH have considerably broad tastes from Indie Rock, Grunge, Metal, Funk, Punk and Classic Rock. Notable influences include Nirvana, The Buzzcocks, Metallica, U2, Tracy Chapman, and The Artic Monkeys. All of the members write songs which start off embodying the influences of the original author but when it’s transformed from the acoustic original to the bands effort then a little bit of everyone’s inspiration shines through. The resulting mash up of influences tends to make the band sound like an old school Manic Street Preachers morphed with Mic Christopher and Blondie with a slight funky edge to a couple of the tracks. Strong guitar riffs, banging bass lines, tight drum beats and powerful vocals from the cross over of the two leads are what to expect from this energetic band.

SMASH evolved from different projects which connected its band members to previous groups that have amalgamated to develop into an exciting new Indie Rock band. SMASH have been together since mid 2010 and have amassed a loyal following in the North East of Ireland and have been gigging with their original material since late 2010 marked by a show in The Village, Dublin on the 27th of December 2010. SMASH have recently recorded their EP which the band feels highlights their unique identity in a sea of groups vying to be noticed.

SMASH work tirelessly on promotion, performance and most importantly their music to draw a crowd and introduce themselves to a wider and more diverse audience each time they play. SMASH have a lot to give, heaps of enthusiasm, energy to burn and most importantly they have the music to back it all up.

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