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Electronica // Kilkenny, Kilkenny

"Dark, ambient, noisy, melodic, , too much, not enough”, can all describe the recording process for Solkatt’s debut album. Made over the course of a year in the Irish countryside, this was a project that was birthed out of function. A very specific function.
Leo Pearson and Peter Lawlor were asked to create 90 minutes of original music for a 46 speaker geodesic dome, that was to be premiered at Electric Picnic 2017 as part of the RedBull Soundome Stage. With this specific project in mind there was always one question to consider, “Will this work in the Dome?”. This was a restriction that was necessary at the time but once the RedBull Soundome premiered both Pearson and Lawlor realised they had all this music and didn’t want it to be thrown aside.
In the months following the premiere of the RedBull Soundome they began to revisit the music but with a different objective in mind. To whittle away all of the unnecessary bits and pieces and to turn this 90 minute 8-channel piece of music into a cohesive album. This was Lawlor’s first in-studio collaboration, as he had previously released house inflected dance music under his Replete alias on labels such as Ele Records, Paper Recordings and Always Human Tapes.
In stark contrast, Pearson is no stranger to collaboration. From releasing music on Howie B’s Pussyfoot Records as part of Inevidence in the 90’s, over the years Pearson has worked on music for the likes of David Holmes to Shit Robot, and more recently been apart of Future Bones.
Solkatt is the sound of a hardware synth loving duo with a penchant for danceable grooves and subtle string arrangements.

DJ Mag - "Opening with an assertive kick and dark bass pulse, it is at once organic and otherworldly, especially once the hypnotic vocal flutters make their way into the mix. Moving from its nocturnal techno introduction into more triumphant, cinematic territory with huge strings and soundscapes, the track captures both of the producers’ sensibilities excellently. "

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