Dublin, County Dublin

Irish electronic music producer Somadrone has been making music since 1997 and has toured Europe, US, Asia and Australia as member of Dublin’s cult band Redneck Manifesto and Jape. 2010’s Depth of Field received critical acclaim and was compared to the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Sylvian and Brian Eno. His fourth album, The First Wave, recorded between 2010-2013 in San Francisco, Dublin and Brooklyn NY, the record incorporates analogue drum machines, synthesizers, guitar and vocals that results in a cross pollinating, genre-less, electronic sound-scapes. Somadrone is currently completing album number five and has festival shows in Ireland and Germany this summer.

Cuts a path between Brian Eno, Steve Reich and Ryuichi Sakamoto – Guardian

Transports the listener with a Howard Blake style enchantment – New York Times

An album of smartly considered minor-key dramas - Pitchfork

The giants of 20th century minimal composition — Philip Glass and Steve Reich – are obvious influences here, but O’Connor is no mere copyist – Irish Independent.

Detachment that we find in Steve Reich or Brian Eno circa Music for Airports”– Wire Magazine

Gorgeous, reminiscent of Bowie’s Berlin albums – - Hot Press

Outstanding electronic pop album, file between Brian Eno and Air – Star

Depth of Field is simply spellbinding – Evening Herald

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