Somebody's Child

Dublin, County Dublin

In less than two years, the young Dublin songwriter and band-leader has worked to cement himself as a burgeoning voice in the Irish music scene. With his critically acclaimed EP, '20-Something' in the rearview, 'Somebody's Child' has released a brand new single entitled 'Hold Me Like You Wanna'.

Backed by a band of equal musical diversity, he tackles personal and political issues in his music, not shying away from discussions of mental health, egotism, and dystopia. After performing at the Late Late show, 3 Arena support-slot, charting 13th in the official homegrown Irish charts and with over a million streams later, the young Dubliner is taking over and has done more than enough to make his mark.

Somebody's Child says, “Hold Me Like You Wanna me is a nostalgic song that triggers feelings of both regret and lack of regret simultaneously. It's a love song but not necessarily romantically. Given the climate of the world at the moment, I think it holds a deeper meaning now more than ever.

This new release is taken from his upcoming EP, ‘20-Something’, which will be released on the 7th of August! Coming from very different musical backgrounds, the group’s chemistry and sound is developing at alarming rates, and the new EP 20-something is a huge testament to that.

“20-something is the first real taste of who I want to be as an artist and as a songwriter. It’s inspired by music I actually listen to on a regular basis. Everything before this has just been to test the waters, but for the first time since this started it feels like this is what I’m really about.”

Keen on not shying away from real world problems, his lyrics comment on personal and political issues. In opening himself up, he hopes 20-something connects with the listener on a much deeper level than before, especially given the situation of the world at the moment. Determined to spread his sound, Somebody’s Child is one to have your eyes firmly set on.

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