Malahide, County Dublin

Sonif is the project started by Ben Higgins in 2015.
In an attempt to create a dark and dreamlike atmosphere, jangling guitars and harmonic vocal melodies are at the forefront of his compositions.
Armed with only a guitar, laptop and microphone he is making the most of what he has in his small bedroom in Dublin, Ireland. His latest work being published by the Oregon-based ​Mount Seldom Records, ​who are producing 25 cassette-tapes along with the digital release of the mini album on a wide array of platforms.

In 2018, Higgins invited two friends to join the project. Jack Gamble and Aoife Fitzpatrick, both extremely well rounded musicians and well versed in live performance from their background in bands over the years and theatre backgrounds.

Playing live shows is an integral part to the ​Sonif ​project, playing shows in venues around Dublin such as ​Whelan’s, The Wiley Foxx, Berlin D2 ​and ​Fibber’s ​over recent years.
One excursion to Co. Mayo to close the first ever ‘​Turf Festival​’ and the sell out album launch in June 2018 being the most memorable moments to date.

Sonif​ takes inspiration from a variety of bands and artists from all over the globe and spread across a wide range of genres. The biggest influences in the Sonif project is the company around him. Visual artists, DJs, Electronic Producers and Classical Musicians all play a huge role in terms of the way Higgins looks at music and art as a whole.

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