Static Vision

Limerick City, County Limerick

Static Vision is a four piece rock band currently based and rising in Limerick City. Guitarist and Vocalist Cian O'Dowd has spent the last 4 years writing songs and assorting them into appropriate Singles, EP's and Albums, getting his brother Tom to play bass, cousin Paddy leading guitar and long time school friend Stephen to take seat behind the kit.

In the Summer of 2017, the band recorded the first 10 track EP 'What is and Now' and have released it on all social music platforms.

Static Vision are currently in between gigging and recording their second EP, which is due to be released March 2018.


"Equal parts effervescent and slack, What is and Now is a stab of garage post-punk in the ’80s SST" - The Thin Air

"'What is and Now' Album is a no nonsense assault to your eardrums of slickly presented swagger drenched punk rock with some powerful garage thrown in" - Indie Buddie

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