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Stepping On Lego

Pop // Galway City, Galway

Stepping On Lego are an electronic music project from Galway City, Ireland. The band consists of two members; Conor Waters (keyboard and vocals) and Andre Davies (drums and vocals). Stepping On Lego formed in 2018. They spent their first 6 months writing and producing music before beginning to perform in their local city in 2019.

Infuences include M83, daft punk, CHVRCHES, Coldplay, Radiohead, Muse, White Lies and The Chainsmokers.

The band prides themselves on producing cinematic, melodic electronic music drawing from elements of synth pop, dream pop, rock and dance.

The bands members set themselves apart from other acts in their genre with their broad yet similar musical background. Andre Davies grew up in Stratford, London. Andre has been a multi-instrumentalist from a young age beginning by learning classical guitar and cello. Andre starting playing the drums as a teenager, playing in local bands in Stratford. Andre then progressed into playing in original acts in his twenties in Manchester and London where his songwriting flair began to flourish. Conor Waters grew up playing classical piano. He then learned the guitar and drums as a teenager. He was a keyboard player in two very successful Galway bands for a number of years. Andre and Conor found a mutual interest in creating cinematic electronic music and then began to write and produce music together.

Currently the band are recording their debut EP, planned for release in September 2019. They are releasing their debut single Northern Lights on 21st June 2019.