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Stile 13

Indie // Walkin-Mill, Dublin

Songwriters Gerry and Martin O’ Malley have always been baffled by what’s so special about the number thirteen. If it’s considered unlucky for some then does that mean it’s lucky for some too? And why do the lucky some never get a mention? The O’ Malley brothers were determined to get to the bottom of this great mystery. They gathered together thirteen of their best songs and went searching for eleven other singers and musicians (to form a group of thirteen) who would not be afraid to join them in their crusade. The result of their search can be found on the album ‘Where Were You’, by the group Stile 13, which is available now from Tower Records and Road Records.

Stile 13 is a group consisting of thirteen young (and some not so young) Irish singers and musicians. Brought together with the aim of producing an album of outstanding songs by musicians Gerry and Martin O’ Malley, the eclectic mix of featured singers and musicians show the songs off to their fullest potential. From the opening lines of the upbeat title track, through the thought-provoking ‘Evangelist’ to the last hypnotic strains of final track ‘Stile 13’, listeners (both lucky and unlucky), will find an eclectic blend of sounds and styles that will tantalize the senses. The debut album has received rave reviews in the short time since it has been released and the album and the group are sure to go on to even bigger and better things.

'Where Were You' is the second album written and produced by Gerry and Martin O’ Malley in Martin’s recording studios, ‘Malbay Studios’ in Co. Clare.