Stone Sea

Dublin, County Dublin

Stone Sea and an Alternative Rock band that originated in São Paulo (BR) but assumed its identity in Dublin (IE).

After the release of an EP (Demo (n) - 2014) with the original members and an album (Origins - 2015) totally recorded by Elvis, where most of the songs were raw and dense, everything changed when he moved to Ireland in April 2015.
The local music scene connected Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso (Guitarist and Vocalist) to Jeremy Burke (Bassist and Vocalist) and Ross McDermott (Drummer) where they found a rich source of creativity as a result of the exchange and contrast of cultures since the beginning of 2017. That year the band resumed their activities and began composing new songs that resulted in the EP "Vaporizer" which was released in December 2017.
Vaporizer brings an authentic resourcefulness in the work of the band, which emerged as a result of the adoption of new musical influences.
In 2018 Stone Sea won the Crystal Skull Sessions competition among 21 Irish bands and were awarded a trophy of the event plus 1000 euros which contributed directly to the recording of the new work of the band between August and September 2018.
Mankind Maze is the new album of the band that is being launched in that year of 2019 with the participation of the mother of Elvis, Nanci Suhadolnik in the newly released Flow Upstream track and the immersion and combination of new music styles like bossa nova.
2019 is a year of many changes and news. The newly recorded Slice Of Depth video (from Album Origins) will also be released in the midst of this year and the band has shows confirmed in Ireland and UK.
Stone Sea also features newcomers Connor Middleton on drums and Jonathan Parminter on bass.

The discography could freely listen on Soundcloud, Bandcamp
& Spotify.

Line Up:
Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso - Vocals/Guitar
Jonathan Parminter - Bass/Vocals
Connor Middleton - Drums


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