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Rock // Dublin City, Dublin

These truly are exciting times for Storyfold and their loyal fanbase, having recently released their debut album "Rocket Science" in May 2011.

Their debut single, Delphine Wakes, was a massive radio hit in 2010 and the follow up, Behind Closed Doors, proved just as popular. Air-play led to dozens of gigs, rave-reviews led to more, including an incredible gig supporting Indie icons, Feeder, in Dublin's Academy. Fans and critics lapped up live performances but clamoured for an album, so Storyfold packed the van and set sail for Modern World Studios in Bristol.

Rocket Science was produced by Greg Haver, who has previously twiddled knobs for Manic Street Preachers, Lost Prophets, Super Furry Animals, Bullet for My Valentine, Catatonia and CODES, and the band has been basking in the glow of a brilliantly received release from both fans and critics alike….

John Meagher in the Irish Independent said:

'Revolving around the considerable talents of vocalists Paddy McKenna and Lindsey Hogan, (Storyfold) have made a sparkling debut of unabashed power-pop.... The result is a half or dozen or so songs crying out for daytime radio play. Trick of Light and Delphine Wakes are so catchy you'll be singing back the chorus on second listen... It would be a churlish soul indeed who couldn't find much to appreciate in this highly accomplished album'

Colm O’Hare in Hotpress proclaimed:

‘(Storyfold) purvey a kind of indie/power pop that is impressively timeless and effervescent…. A classic American garage band sound, mixed in with a clever, Fountains of Wayne-like gift for melodic inventiveness…. On this evidence they could well be on their to way to reaching for the stars’

And blogger Nessymon was equally effusive in her praise:

‘They write memorable songs and cross genres which makes them extremely marketable. They are indie rock but these productions make their sound huge and fit for bigger stages….Clever hooks, great delivery and musicianship and production, Storyfold have made ‘Rocket Science’ seem easy. Buy it.’

Rocket Science is available to purchase in record stores nationwide including HMV, Tower Records,
Golden Discs, Heartbeat City and Celtic Note. It can also be downloaded on iTunes.

In the style of all good new-fashioned romances, Storyfold met on the internet. Back in the day (well…April 2009) Paddy McKenna took to the web’s drumming fora in search of a graceful tub-thumper. He hit the jackpot in finding drummer/pianist/human-talking-machine, Lindsey Hogan.

Lindsey is that most elusive of individuals, being both a drummer and musician. As the collaboration progressed her melodic instinct grew stronger, and after much searching of the soul, she ceded control of the sticks and found her home among the ebony and ivory. Storyfold’s distinctive sound was taking shape...

Jim McGourty was signed-up for his good looks, machismo and bass chops before another call to find a drummer was beamed into cyber-space. Clearly, fortune was smiling on the fledgling rockers. Despite anticipating weeks of ear-bleeding frustration, Storyfold were blown away by the brilliantly talented Sean McDonnell at the very first audition.

The final piece in the Storyfold jigsaw fell into place in September 2010 when ex-Whiskey Limbs guitarist Michael Fortune assumed lead duties. Now the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

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