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Strangers With Guns

Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

"Strangers with Guns are some lads from Dublin that make grunge music. Infusing the sounds of the Melvins, Stone Temple Pilots, Fu Manchu, Nirvana…etc., they deliver exactly the juice you’d expect from that blend. Degenerate Art is the band’s debut album and the dozen songs could be summed up by big-wave bass lines, uniformed distortion and laid-back vocal delivery. Any one of these tunes could make the cut for a D.I.Y skateboarding video straight from the 90s."

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We are an unconventional band in this country. Nobody sounds like us, and short term might work against us with people unable to pigeonhole and not knowing where to allot us. But we are carving out our own space, playing with every genre that's open to us, from DIY Punk shows to Metal Shows, to Hard Rock Shows, and we must be doing something right cause it has landed us international festivals and this year we will be playing Indiependence festival

We are the hardest working band in the country, only together since Jan 2019 we already release a debut album "Degenerate Art" in 2019, an EP "Disenfranchised Fetus" in 2020 and a double EP "Become A Pope" in 2021 and currently we have our next single "Dial It Back" out on March 11th and have an album "All Pleasure Is Just Relief" due out on July 15th with a headline show set for Whelans upstairs.

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