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Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Strutter are an original Irish rock band with a sound best described as a soundtrack to a bar room brawl. Their songs comfortably cross rock, rap, blues, funk and dream pop genres in exploring emotions – the good, the bad and the ugly. Human frailties are celebrated and navigated aurally in search of the promised-land, delivered sometimes tenderly and always viscerally. Living in 21st century is both a privilege and a very folked up challenge. This dichotomy is at the heart of Strutter’s very existence and their desire to create, collaborate and perform.. They are currently crafting material to bring to the Stage in 2021 with plans to release and promote material in 2022.

Con 'Cans" Byrne is a postman and drummer. He essentially keeps things real. Al 'Spirit of Smokie' Barton is a social care worker and bass player. He keeps things unpredictable. Shane 'Gammon' Noonan is a glazier and multi-instrumentalist. He keeps things dreamlike. Vincent 'Goodfellas' Brennan is an engineer and vocalist. He keeps things soulful. Together they have a common voice – not stylised, not particularly cerebral – it just rocks.

Strutter formed in late 2019 and played their first gig in February 2020. This subsistence has propelled the band during lockdown, to write and create and be part of the first wave of a brave new world. Whether this is a masked or unmasked realty this band drops the atypical veil of rock bravado to put their music front and centre. The songs are given free reign – to be vulnerable, emotional, seek enlightenment or all of the above with the right blend of swagger and sophistication for the audience to embrace and relate to in the middle of said bar room brawl. They are coming soon to a bar near you – you have been warned…