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Stuck on Repeat

Electronica // Cork

Stuck on Repeat is an up and coming Electro Punk act from Cork, Ireland. He creates irrepressibly catchy electronic music, designed to make people dance.

His style combines “kick you in the chest” drums with synth lines so filthy, they’re almost indecent, and catchy hooks that put Captain Ahab to shame.

Stuck on Repeat’s lyrics use pop culture references to create images with double meanings in the mind of the listener.

Like a Magic Eye picture, his songs reveal fun Easter eggs when you listen just right.

Fusing elements of Big Beat, Electro Punk, and Techno, Stuck on Repeat will be filling dance floors across Europe with his gritty, yet uplifting dance music.

His new single Dance is an enthralling anthem, made to fill dance floors, with its infectious melodies and fist-pumping beats. Dance will be available on all streaming platforms on November 12, 2021.