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Pop // Killester, Dublin

It's been a long time in the making, during which the boys of SUPERJIMENEZ have been fighting corruption like proper super-people, rescuing their lead guitarist in distress from nine months in his native Australia following visa troubles; it was a hard-fought battle that resulted in victory for truth, justice and international string fiddling.

So without further ado, SUPERJIMENEZ are proud to announce that their debut album 'BANG' is now complete.

BANG was recorded in various distinctive studios across London and Dublin [RAK, The Strongroom, Pulse] and was co-produced by Adrian Bushby [Grammy Award winner for the Foo Fighters' Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace], Liam Mulvaney and SUPERJIMENEZ. It was mixed by Adrian Bushby for This Much Talent and mastered by Kevin Bartley at Capitol Mastering, Los Angeles.

The album, which follows previous singles 'Helicopters' [Irish Top 20], 'Beau' [A-listed on Irish radio], and 'Faye' [Playlisted in Topshop, Bubble Hits, and Fizz TV] was released independently on April 10th 2009 to wide acclaim.

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