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Surf Green

Punk // Downpatrick, Down

Formed in early 2015 by 16 year olds Martin Harris, Iwan Hynds, Dominic Reynolds and Jareth McCardell, Surf Green started life with one goal, to write songs they would listen to by any of their favourite bands. Their mutual love of punk rock bands such as Green Day, NOFX, My Chemical Romance and Rise Against soon allowed them to craft a sound to base their own music off.
Playing their first gig in August 2015 it quickly became clear they would have to start focusing on their live performances in order to stand out in a busy Belfast music scene, through doing this they have progressively added more to their live show and are well known for their energetic live performances as a result.
The band have undergone several lineup changes and have settled on a three-piece format, consisting of Martin Harris - Guitar + Vocals, Iwan Hynds - Bass + Vocals and David Dalzell - Drums + Vocals.
In September 2017 the band released their second EP, Real Friends to positive reviews across the board. This EP characterizes the bands blend of Punk Rock, Metal and Alt Rock that has come to be their own sound.
The band plan for a full re-recording and re-release of their first EP, Eighty Percent to be released in July 2018 in order to neatly package all of the bands earliest songs at a greater level of quality than ever before in order to allow them to focus on the future of their ever developing sound and live performance.